Google pulled free Pixel Tablet for iPad trade-in deal because it became too popular

Google pulled free Pixel Tablet for iPad trade-in deal because it became too popular

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Nearly a week and a half ago, we told you that Google was offering a special deal that would allow anyone with an iPad no older than 2018’s sixth-generation iPad to get a trade-in value of $399 for their Apple tablet. This happens to be the price for the 128GB dockless Pixel Tablet. So in other words, surrender to Google a sixth-gen iPad or a more recent Apple tablet and you’ll get in return a free Pixel Tablet

If you wanted the 256GB model of the Pixel Tablet, or the Pixel Tablet with the dock, Google was allowing you to trade in one of the eligible iPad models and get $399 discounted from the price. Why did I write that in the past tense? Originally, the deal was supposed to last until May 20th but it was quickly canceled by Google because enterprising Pixel Tablet buyers were turning to eBay and other online stores, picking up the sixth-gen iPad for extremely low prices, and then shipping it to Google in exchange for a free Pixel Tablet.

One Redditor explained this form of tablet trade-in arbitrage by revealing how much he paid for an eligible iPad. “I literally bought an iPad for $99 on eBay to do this, ” According to Forbes, online searches for platforms like “Swappa” and “eBay” soared as did searches for “sixth-generation iPad.” But Google, seemingly inundated with older iPads from consumers taking the company up on its offer, quickly dropped the deal before the original May 20th deadline date. In doing so, Google reduced the trade-in value of the 2018 sixth-generation iPad from $399 to $75.

Some Redditors who traded in an older iPad for a Pixel Tablet were concerned that by ending the deal so quickly, Google wouldn’t live up to its terms. But in a statement, the company said, “Google will honor the original trade-in price for people who bought the Pixel Tablet when the offer was still active.” So as long as you committed to the deal before Google pulled it, you should expect to receive your free Pixel Tablet.

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