Google Pixel phones to get split-screen support for “Circle to Search”

Google Pixel phones to get split-screen support for “Circle to Search”

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Circle to Search, the popular AI feature that lets you search the web by tapping, scribbling, or drawing a circle over any text or image on the screen, is gaining a useful upgrade on Google Pixel phones. According to findings by Mishaal Rahman (via Android Authority), Google is working on bringing split-screen support to Circle to Search, meaning that you’ll soon be able to use Circle to Search even while having two apps open on your screen in split-screen mode.Circle to Search was first introduced on the Galaxy S24 series of phones and has since been launched on Google’s Pixel line of devices. It has become a popular feature among users who find it to be a quick and convenient way to search for information on their phones. However, a major drawback of Circle to Search on Pixel phones has been that it couldn’t be used in split-screen mode. This meant that if you were using two apps in split-screen mode and wanted to search for something using Circle to Search, you would have had to exit the split-screen mode first.

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“Circle to Search” in split-screen mode | Credit: Android Authority

The inability to use Circle to Search in split-screen mode on Pixel devices seemed like an oversight, especially since Samsung Galaxy phones that support Circle to Search don’t have this restriction. It’s possible that this was a bug that occurred during development, but whatever the reason, Google is reportedly fixing it with Android 15, which is currently in its beta stage. Android 15 is expected to be publicly released in the Fall, so Pixel phone users won’t have to wait too long to take advantage of this new functionality.The addition of split-screen support for Circle to Search is a welcome improvement for Pixel phone users. It will make Circle to Search more versatile and useful, allowing users to search for information without interrupting their workflow when using two apps simultaneously.

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