Google Photos’ rumored “My Week” feature may actually turn the app into a mini social network

Google Photos’ rumored “My Week” feature may actually turn the app into a mini social network

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Get ready for a more interactive Google Photos experience, as a recent code deep dive of the latest app update hints that the rumored “My Week” feature could let you and your friends “like” shared photos and videos. This would be a significant shift for Google Photos, which has primarily focused on helping you organize and relive your own memories.The “My Week” feature itself has been rumored since February as a new way to make sharing your everyday life highlights a breeze. Instead of sending individual photos or videos to a group chat, “My Week” could offer a curated collection of your best moments from the past week, sent directly to your chosen contacts.

This discovery about liking photos and videos adds a whole new dimension. PiunikaWeb uncovered specific code references suggesting this functionality, and it looks like you’ll be able to react to the photos and videos your friends and family share, much like you would on social media platforms. The added ability to see who liked your content further reinforces that social element.

Now, next time you capture a share-worthy picture or video, with “My Week,” you could easily include it in your weekly update and see your loved ones’ positive reactions. This could turn Google Photos into a more connected and engaging space for sharing those little life moments.

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Keep in mind, “My Week” is still a work in progress, and it is uncertain when or if Google will officially launch it. Additionally, the functionality could change between what is found in the code now versus what actually gets included when released to the public.

However, this early sneak peek suggests that Google Photos is looking to make the sharing experience far more interactive, potentially blurring the lines between a personal photo album and a mini social network for your closest circle. We’ll have to wait and see when the feature is launched and how Google Photos’ users will utilize it.

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