Google Photos is working on a “Show less” option for faces in memories

Google Photos is working on a “Show less” option for faces in memories

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Google Photos is already a powerful way to organize and relive your memories, thanks to its pretty accurate facial recognition technology. However, circumstances change, and you might no longer want certain faces popping up in your Memories. If you’ve ever scrolled through your photo library, and couldn’t help but wince a little at some of the memories you wish would stay hidden, you’ll be glad to know that there may be a solution for that on its way.

According to Android Authority, as spotted by AssembleDebug, an upcoming version (v6.81.0.628906483) of Google Photos will allow you to “Show less” of a particular person. This offers a welcome nuance to the experience. Their face won’t appear as frequently in Memories, but their photos will still be searchable within your main library. This is a more subtle alternative to the existing “Block face” option, which removes them entirely from Memories and group shots, potentially blocking entire photos that you may want to view.

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To use the feature, you’ll soon find a new section in your “People & Pets” area, specifically labeled “Hide face from memories.” Additionally, Google Photos will create a clear settings path: Settings > Preferences > Memories > Hide people & pets. This ensures easy access to manage which faces you see most often as you take those sentimental journeys through your photos.While the feature isn’t yet available in the public version of the app, Google is currently testing and refining it. There’s no official release date, and once it’s out it will probably be one of those staged roll-outs, but users will undoubtedly appreciate having this new option to curate their Memories. Sometimes, small adjustments to what you see can make a big difference to the overall experience of your cherished photo collections, especially in cases when your photo library spans through decades of memories.

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