Google Messages tests new look for app bar

Google Messages tests new look for app bar

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Google Messages is currently testing a “flat” design tweak to the app bar at the moment. This test comes after the single-line text field is now widely rolling out.

The app bar consists of the four-color “G” and Messages logo, the camera shortcut (for some users), search, and profile navigation. It usually comes with a lighter background than the conversation list if it’s in dark mode. Now, the app bar seems no longer themed differently and has the same background as the message list.

This makes the status, app bar, and list entirely “flat”. Only the “Start chat” button is different.

The change doesn’t affect functionality, and it’s only for dark mode. So far, the light mode appears similar. For now, it seems the change is in beta (version 20240521_00_RC00).

Also, another change has been noticed by users on Reddit, and it’s in the New conversation list. Google Messages is now showing a different palette for the background in which initials appear when your contacts don’t have a profile photo.

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