Google Messages tests editing of sent messages

Google Messages tests editing of sent messages

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If you’re an Android user, the Google Messages app is the one that you should use. It has all of the RCS features that you want including end-to-end encryption, read receipts, typing indicators, high-quality image sharing, and more. Google Messages beta users can now try the message editing feature that gives them 15 minutes to edit a message that has already been sent. 

Now here is something important to know. The person to whom you sent the original message must also be using a beta version of Google Messages for this feature to work. That requirement is something that will not be necessary once the feature is out of beta.

To check to see if you are a Google Messages beta member, open Settings > Apps > Messages and scroll to the bottom to see which version of the app you are running. My Pixel 6 Pro does run the beta version so if you are also a beta member you will see something like this at the bottom of the Messages App info page:
So let’s say you need to edit a message you sent. If you have this feature, and the recipient is also running the beta version of the app, you’ll long-press the message that you want to edit which will bring up a toolbar above the message. Tap the pencil icon and you’ll see a box that says “Editing message.” After editing the message, you will press the send/enter button. The editing history of the message can be viewed which means that a single message can be edited multiple times.

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While the Google Messages editing feature can now be used on messages sent by Google Messages beta users to recipients who are also Google Messages beta members, we are getting closer to the day when the feature will work for all Google Messages users.

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