Google Messages might show unknown sender names in notifications

Google Messages might show unknown sender names in notifications

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Ever wished you could put a name to the unknown sender who’s suddenly popping up in your messages? Well, Google seems to be onto something with its latest feature in the works for the Google Messages app. This nifty addition will reportedly display the sender’s name right in the text message notification you receive.

Google Messages notifications may soon start displaying names of unknown contacts

According to findings by the tech media outlet Android Authority, Google is shaking things up with notifications for new messages in its latest beta version of the app. If you receive a message from an unknown number, Google will attach the sender’s name to the phone number. However, there’s a catch – this feature only kicks in if the person has profile discovery enabled.

Profile discovery lets you link your profile photo and name with Google Messages. You can change your Google Account profile and manage what info you share with others by:


  1. Open Google Messages.
  2. At the top right, tap your Profile picture.
  3. Tap Messages settings
  4. Select Profile discovery.
  5. Turn Profile discovery on or off.
  6. Next to your profile info, tap Edit.
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It’s worth noting that displaying the names of unknown senders isn’t entirely novel in Google Messages. The platform is simply broadening this functionality by extending it to Android notifications.

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