Google Messages is testing a long press feature to peek into an RCS conversation

Google Messages is testing a long press feature to peek into an RCS conversation

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Google’s messaging app, Google Messages, has always been a key part of the company’s push for widespread adoption of the RCS messaging standard. RCS offers advanced features over traditional SMS, like read receipts, typing indicators, and higher quality media sharing. While Google Messages supports RCS, its feature set hasn’t quite felt like a true rival to popular messaging options like WhatsApp and iMessage. Now, a new update may be starting to change that.The latest beta of the Messages’ beta app hints at a feature inspired by Apple’s 3D Touch. According to app researcher AssembleDebug (who shared the tip on Telegram), you may soon be able to long-press on chat bubbles within Google Messages to reveal helpful shortcuts and information. This would be a significant improvement over the current system; right now, long-pressing a conversation in Google Messages only selects it for bulk actions like muting or deleting.

With this new update, it seems you’ll be able to quickly preview information without needing to fully open a conversation. For example, a long-press could reveal an enlarged profile picture, even within group chats. This peek functionality could also extend to accessing chat details – just hover over the “i” symbol in the pop-up to jump into the chat info page. This would save you the hassle of opening the chat, tapping the three-dot overflow menu, and then finding the “Details” option.

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Additionally, AssembleDebug suggests that Google Messages might eventually allow users to long-press a chat bubble and then hover over a call icon, letting them quickly place a call to a contact. While this specific option isn’t yet active in the beta, it’s exciting to consider the potential convenience it would offer. This update would make Google Messages significantly more user-friendly.

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