Google Lens to simplify adding context to searches

Google Lens to simplify adding context to searches

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Google Lens is a cool tool that lets you use your phone’s camera to search the world around you. Just point your camera at something, and Google Lens will try to identify it using image recognition technology.

Once it recognizes the object, it gives you relevant info about it. But sometimes, an image search could use a little extra context. That’s why Google might improve Google Lens to accept more context.

Google Lens might soon make it easier to add context to your searches

A recent teardown of the Google app revealed some upcoming changes. It looks like Google is working on making it easier to start a search and add extra context. Now, you can press the shutter button to start a search, but soon, you will be able to tap and hold (i.e., long press) the shutter button to add context with your voice at the same time.Currently, when you use Google Lens for an image search, you press the shutter button to start the search. After the image search is done, you can add context by tapping on the voice search icon. This extra context can be in the form of voice or text.

So, with this upcoming update, adding context to your image search will be quicker and easier. Plus, it seems Google is also working on a feature that lets you search using video, not just still images.

If Google decides to roll out this handy feature, users will be able to record a video and add extra search context through voice at the same time.

However, none of these features are live in Google Lens yet, which you can access through Google Search. They might roll out in the future, but there’s no guarantee. Fingers crossed, though!

I mean, having more search options is always a plus, don’t you think? Especially when you’re in a rush or trying to find info about something you can’t quite put into words – and we all know those situations happen.

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