Google Gemini’s YouTube Music extension is now live and can play your favorite tunes

Google Gemini’s YouTube Music extension is now live and can play your favorite tunes

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Google’s new AI assistant, Gemini, is getting smarter every day, helping with everything from planning your next vacation to giving you real-time info. But its takeover of the Android assistant spot has not been perfect, with some basic stuff like reading the news or setting reminders not working initially. However, Google is putting everything behind it and is now giving it a new superpower.

Android Police recently spotted that Google is finally rolling out the YouTube Music Gemini Extension that was spotted earlier this month. There was also a sneak peek of this at Google I/O, but now it is officially here.
The YouTube Music Gemini extension allows you to play your favorite songs or artists straight from YouTube Music. Once you connect your YouTube Music account, you can ask Gemini Apps to show, find, or play music from YouTube Music by using prompts such as “Find [song name] by [artist name]”, “Find the album [album title] by [artist name],” or any of the prompts outlined in the documentation.

Enabling the YouTube Music extension in Gemini

To get it working, just head to or ask Gemini on your phone to play some music, and a pop-up should appear to activate it. Keep in mind that it is off by default and currently only works in English. Additionally, you will need to make sure your Google accounts for Gemini and YouTube Music are the same.Unfortunately, the YouTube Music extension isn’t available in Gemini in Google Messages, and it only works with prompts in English only. That said, it’s nice to see Gemini expanding its capabilities to tasks that aren’t just about planning, data crunching, and code writing. Keep in mind that by enabling it, you are giving Gemini access to look at your music preferences and history to get a feel for your taste. It’s just another way Google is making Gemini even more helpful in our everyday lives.

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