Google expands support for passkeys and adds them to its Advanced Protection Program

Google expands support for passkeys and adds them to its Advanced Protection Program

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Passwords have long been a major headache for internet users and security pros alike, as they are vulnerable to hacking and easy to forget. Google, however, has been making strides to leave passwords in the past. As part of that effort, and two years since passkeys’ launch on World Password Day 2022, Google has taken to its blog to share new announcements aimed at making online accounts harder to crack.Google’s passkey technology has been used a whopping one billion times over four hundred million Google Accounts since their launch. You’ve heard it before, passkeys are said to be a much more secure alternative to traditional passwords. This is because instead of typing in a string of characters, you authenticate yourself with a fingerprint, face scan, or PIN – the same methods used to unlock your smartphone.Considering this and in order to make passkeys even more effective, Google is now expanding its Cross-Account Protection program too. This feature shares important security notifications between Google and other apps and services you use, even if they aren’t Google-owned. This way, if a cybercriminal gets access to one account, they can’t easily jump into connected accounts.

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Google is also upping the passkey game for those most at risk of targeted attacks. Soon, users can enroll in Google’s Advanced Protection Program (APP) with passkeys alone, or alongside passwords or hardware security keys. This will ensure that journalists, human rights activists, and others professionals facing serious hacking threats, will have an extra layer of protection.

Additionally, major password managers like 1Password and Dashlane will now integrate with passkeys, giving users more choice in how they secure their accounts. Since Google launched passkeys, major companies like Amazon, Kayak, and Shopify have started supporting the technology. This suggests that passkeys are becoming the new normal for online security, with ease of use being the icing on top.

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