Google deprecates Fitbit Pay, replaces it with Google Wallet

Google deprecates Fitbit Pay, replaces it with Google Wallet

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Google is slowly phasing out anything related to Fitbit, something that was expected considering the company’s track record when it comes to acquisitions. No company that was acquired by Google managed to keep its branding for too long or even continue to exist.

If you’re still using Fitbit’s products, you’ll soon be completely transitioned to Google’s services. The search giant is now sending emails to Fitbit users informing them that Fitbit Pay is transitioning to Google Wallet.

In an email we received this week, Fitbit says that it’s “updating our contactless payments feature from Fitbit Pay to Google Wallet.” The main benefit of the transitioning is that it will increase the number of banks and cards that are available for contactless payments on Fitbit devices.

Fitbit Pay will continue to work until July 29, but new cards can no longer be added to Fitbit’s contactless payment services. Keep in mind that if your card isn’t supported by Google Wallet, you can add one of the thousands of cards that the service supports.

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To continue to use your Fitbit device to make contactless payments after July 29, you’ll have to set up Google Wallet in the Fitbit app (version 4.14.1 or higher). Finally, it’s important to mention that Fitbit customers in Saudi Arabia, Japan, and Taiwan will be able to continue to use Fitbit Pay past July 29, 2024.

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