Google Contacts redesign helps Android users quickly get the info they want with less clutter

Google Contacts redesign helps Android users quickly get the info they want with less clutter

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The contacts page is one of the most unappreciated destinations on your phone. And considering that the device that is on your person all day is indeed a phone, having a list of phone numbers that you might need at a moment’s notice is nice to have. You might recall that when the iPhone was first unveiled in January 2007, a lot of the comments made the next day in the mainstream media were about the “roulette wheel” scrolling for phone numbers on the contacts menu.

Google Contacts is getting a makeover to make it look less cluttered and fresh. The new look appears with version, which has not yet made it to the Play Store. According to Android Authority, leaker Assemble Debug sideloaded the new Google Contacts page. Instead of showing a large number of fields (regardless if you have this information or not), the updated Google Contacts has only four fields available right off the bat: First Name, Last Name, Company, and Phone Number.

Underneath those fields are buttons allowing you to add an email address, a significant date, the person’s address, and more. The bottom line is that instead of cluttering up the Google Contacts page with fields that appear whether you have that information, need it, or even want it, the new look page will only show the aforementioned four fields and any additional ones selected by you. This should make it faster to find the information you want and it certainly makes Google Contacts look less cluttered.

Google has yet to officially roll out the update to Android users although we’d expect to see this new look Google Contacts page surface in the near future. Most smartphone users really don’t give that much thought to the contacts page, but it appears that Google took a look at the one available for Android users and has made a useful improvement.

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