Google Chat working on adding group audio and video call function within Gmail Spaces

Google Chat working on adding group audio and video call function within Gmail Spaces

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Google Chat, which is part of Google Workspace, is not exactly one of the leading chat applications out there. However, it is popular in workplaces and businesses where Google Apps are highly used, justifying continued development and improvement of the app. To that end, there may soon be updates that will allow for easy audio and video calls directly within group Spaces, giving the app more functionality to those that make it part of their daily workflow.

This info comes from a tip shared exclusively with PiunikaWeb by AssembleDebug, who found the feature hidden in Gmail version 2024.04.07.622678535. From the screenshots, it looks like Google is planning to add two new icons to the top bar of a Space: one for audio calls and one for video calls. To avoid accidental calls, you’ll likely have to confirm your intent to start the call with all group members after clicking either icon. Also, it appears that the “Active Threads” icon may get a visual refresh, changing from a message icon to a thread icon.

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This upcoming feature aims to make communication easier for project groups and teams using Google Chat Spaces. Currently, initiating a group call in Google Chat involves the extra task of generating and sending a Google Meet link. The new direct call feature, however, will remove this additional step, leading to a more efficient workflow.

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While the feature is not yet available, it is evident from the code that Google is actively working on it. Hopefully, this new call feature will be integrated into the standalone Google Chat app, and not be limited to just Gmail. Furthermore, a window offering “Suggested apps to enhance your space” may soon appear at the top of Spaces, suggesting useful integrations with other Google Apps for even more productivity, sort of how Gemini currently does it.

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