Google Calendar might introduce a dedicated birthday button

Google Calendar might introduce a dedicated birthday button

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Trying to remember everyone’s birthdays is like memorizing specs for every new smartphone coming out – nearly impossible. That’s why calendars and events are lifesavers. To avoid being labeled the birthday amnesia friend, Google Calendar is my go-to choice and probably yours too.

Lots of people rely on Google Calendar to remember these special dates, adding them once for yearly reminders. Google seems to be listening because an upcoming update might make adding birthdays even easier.

Adding birthdays to Google Calendar might get a whole lot easier

Android-focused tech publication Android Authority and code detective Assemble Debug discovered a hidden “Birthday” chip within the latest Google Calendar update (version v2024.21.0-637471596) while digging into the app’s code. This new feature is expected to make adding recurring birthday reminders significantly easier.

Right now, adding birthdays to Google Calendar involves creating a full-day event that repeats every year. This means manually setting up the event, removing the specific time, marking it as an all-day event, and finally, choosing “yearly” for the repeat option.

The “Birthday” chip (if released) promises to simplify this process significantly. It will handle everything for you, reducing the need to fill out extra fields, and you will even be able to include the year of birth.

Setting the birth year might not do anything fancy right now, but it could be useful in future updates. Plus, the update hints at a button to help you add even more birthdays to your calendar so you never miss a reminder.

You should keep in mind, though, that this new birthday shortcut isn’t showing up in Google Calendar just yet. So, for now, you’re stuck adding birthdays the old way. Whether Google will roll it out or not is still unclear, so stay tuned for updates.

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