Google brings more apps and new features to Android Auto and Android Automotive OS

Google brings more apps and new features to Android Auto and Android Automotive OS

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Among the more than 100 things announced by Google at I/O 2024, the search giant included a bunch of Android Auto and Android Automotive OS, proving once again its commitment to the development of its auto ecosystem.

The Mountain View company revealed that there are more than 200 million cars with Android Auto in use, as well as nearly 40 car models that offer Google built-in.

For these reasons and others, Google announced it’s bringing new entertainment apps like Max, Peacock, and Angry Birds to select cars with Google built-in. Additionally, the Uber Driver app is now available on Android Auto, so drivers can accept rides and deliveries, as well as get turn-by-turn directions on a bigger screen.

But wait, there’s more! Google confirmed that Google Cast is coming to cars with Android Automotive OS, starting with Rivian. With the new feature, users will be able to cast video content from their phones or tablets directly to the car while parked.

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Finally, Google introduced the Car ready mobile apps program to streamline the process of bringing mobile apps to cars with no additional work for developers. As part of the new program, Google promises to review mobile apps that are adaptive and large screen compatible to make sure they’re safe and compatible with its auto ecosystem.

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An app that qualifies will be automatically opted in for distribution on cars with Google built-in and made available in Android Auto, without the need for development or a new release to be developed.

According to Google, the Car ready mobile apps program will roll out in the coming months, and will start with parked app categories like video, gaming and browsers.

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