Google announces new capabilities for Health Connect and Health Services on Wear OS

Google announces new capabilities for Health Connect and Health Services on Wear OS

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Google touched on almost every aspect of its mobile business. The search giant announced a bucketload of new features and improvements for its Android ecosystem, many of which are already available.

During the Google I/O 2024 event, the Mountain View company revealed new capabilities coming soon to Health Connect. With the addition of background reads and history reads support, Google hopes to make it possible for developers to read data from Health Connect while their app is in the background without having to rely on the user to open the app.

On top of that, history read will provide users with the option to grant apps access to all historical data in Health Connect, not just the past 30 days.

According to Google, both upcoming capabilities from Health Connect will require developers to declare the respective permissions so that users can approve them before developers can make use of the data protected by those permissions.

Of course, users will be able to revoke access at any time from within Health Connect settings. It’s important to add that Google will be releasing these new features later this year.

Besides these upcoming Health Connect capabilities, Google also introduced two new features for Health Services on Wear OS: new data types for running and support for debounced goals.New data types for running will be supported once Wear OS 5 gets released. These are meant to provide in-depth insights on running form and economy. Here are the new advanced running metrics coming with Wear OS 5:

  • Ground Contact Time
  • Stride Length
  • Vertical Oscillation
  • Vertical Ratio

Last but not least, debounced goals for instantaneous metrics will include measurements like heart rate, distance, and speed. These debounced goals will help prevent the same event from being emitted multiple times over a short time period.

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