Going for a 1TB iPad Pro gets you an upgraded M4 chip

Going for a 1TB iPad Pro gets you an upgraded M4 chip

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Today’s Apple event was quite an exciting thing. First, we get a big 13-inch iPad Air, then the iPad Pro gets thinner and becomes the thinnest Apple product ever… then the Apple Pencil becomes Pro… however, not every little interesting tidbit was revealed during Apple’s keynote. Actually, it turns out you get more customization options for the iPad Pro than just picking your storage and color, reports reliable news outlet The Verge.

iPad Pro 1TB and 2TB versions get a faster chip

In fact, there’s quite a price difference between the 256GB iPad Pro and the 1TB one – it’s a $600 price difference. Apple doesn’t only double the RAM for the 1TB version, it also puts a faster M4 chip inside. Instead of a nine-core M4, you get a 10-core one.

In fact, this is the first time Apple is offering a processor upgrade on an iPad model. Previously, you could only upgrade RAM and storage.

With the 1TB model, you also get Apple’s nano-texture glass for $100, which isn’t available for the lower-end models. So, to get the best out of the iPad Pro M4 and the top performer possible, you need to go for a 1TB or 2TB model.

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Despite that though, don’t think you’re losing too much raw power if you stick with the 256 or 512GB version. Both versions of the chip have a 10-core GPU and the same memory bandwidth of 120GB/s. Each version also has six efficiency cores for more daily, less demanding tasks.

In fact, in real life probably the upgrade to the already extra-powerful M4 chip won’t be that noticeable. However, it’s there if you really want to go all-in.

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