Gmail’s “Quick Reply” redesign to streamline email responses begins rollout on Android

Gmail’s “Quick Reply” redesign to streamline email responses begins rollout on Android

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Gmail is rolling out a fresh look for its “Quick Reply” feature on Android devices, aiming to make responding to emails a more seamless experience. The redesign, which has been in testing for the past few months, replaces the current pill-shaped buttons at the bottom of messages with a docked text field, eliminating the need for scrolling.This new text field, positioned above Gmail’s persistent bottom bar, allows users to start typing their response immediately without having to open a new screen. A convenient attachment button is located on the left, and menu options for replying, forwarding, and changing recipients are available.

According to Google, this chat-style layout is “ideal for emails that just need a simple answer,” as it allows users to reference the email contents while typing. For those lengthier replies that require additional formatting options, the text box can be expanded to take up the entire screen.

Gmail app’s “Quick Reply” feature in action | Credit: Google

This server-side update is gradually making its way to Gmail users on Android, starting with version 2024.05.05.x. As with many phased rollouts, some users might see the redesign on one Gmail account but not others.

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The “Quick Reply” redesign was unveiled alongside updates to Google Messages and Home, signaling Google’s commitment to refining its communication tools. While some users have expressed enthusiasm for the new look, others are still adjusting to the change.

As 9to5Google reports, the traditional pill-shaped buttons for actions like “Reply All” have been replaced, and some users miss the ability to easily forward emails or send emoji reactions. However, the redesigned interface aims to prioritize speed and convenience for those quick email responses.

This update follows the announcement of a pretty substantial feature drop today for Android devices. It will be interesting to see how this update will change the way Android users engage with their Gmail.

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