Gmail wants to tame your spam mailbox with a “Subscription” filter

Gmail wants to tame your spam mailbox with a “Subscription” filter

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If you’re constantly battling a cluttered inbox, like most of us are, there may be help on the horizon. Gmail appears to be testing a new “Subscriptions” filter that promises to isolate those pesky newsletters and promotional emails, making it easier to achieve the coveted and seemingly unattainable “inbox zero” status.Gmail’s existing intelligent filters already help users manage their mail, but the newly discovered “Subscriptions” filter, found by AssembleDebug via PiunikaWeb, promises to offer even more granular control. Found within the Android app’s sidebar under “Labels,” this “Manage Subscriptions” filter intelligently analyzes your email patterns. According to the strings found within the code, this filter will reportedly do the following:

  • Categorize subscription senders by email frequency – “less than 10,” “10 to 20,” or “20+” emails per quarter. This allows for the quick identification of spammy senders.
  • Include a clear unsubscribe button directly within the filter, streamlining the process of opting out from unwanted subscriptions.

Images Credit: PiunikaWeb

The feature seems to be in its early stages, however, some users are reporting on Reddit that they are seeing a pop-up announcement. That said, the filter itself isn’t fully functional yet, as tapping on its link takes these same users to a section of the app that never fully loads.

Images Credit: u/BlanchDuBois74 & u/bsewall on Reddit

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This feature has the potential of being extremely beneficial for anyone who frequently subscribes to services or mailing lists, and knows the struggle of overloaded inboxes. Gmail’s “Subscriptions” filter promises a more streamlined inbox experience. I for one a looking forward to having all of these emails contained within one label without having to set up a ton of filters to catch them all. Additionally, it will be helpful to have a quicker way to unsubscribe, so I can proactively manage my subscriptions, potentially saving me precious time and reducing email clutter.

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