Gmail to roll out an enhanced “Updates” inbox for Android and iOS users

Gmail to roll out an enhanced “Updates” inbox for Android and iOS users

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Gmail, Google’s popular email service, is introducing a refreshed “Updates” inbox for Android and iOS users, aimed at improving the email experience and making it easier to focus on priority items. The updated inbox will be gradually rolled out to users, with a notification banner appearing in the Primary inbox announcing its arrival.It’s no secret that Google is not new to auto-categorization. Gmail has long offered specialized inboxes for Promotions, Social, Forums, and the “Updates” inbox itself. These cater to users who prefer a more organized approach to their email, while those who favor a traditional reverse-chronological view have the option to disable them.

As reported by 9to5Google, The enhanced “Updates” inbox builds upon the existing structure, which already housed personal, auto-generated updates such as confirmations, receipts, bills, and statements. With this update, Gmail will now intelligently filter lower-priority emails, like automatic airline mileage statements or account creation confirmations, from the Primary inbox to the “Updates” inbox. The goal is to refine the Primary inbox to prioritize emails that require immediate attention.

To this, a Google spokesperson stated to 9to5 the following: “The Google Workspace team continues to deliver new features that have proven benefits to our users. Recently, we conducted an experiment that activates a refreshed version of the Updates inbox in Gmail. We received positive feedback from participants and are now bringing the feature to additional users to help them focus on the emails that matter most to them.”

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The rollout of the updated “Updates” inbox will be automatic for users who already have the Primary, Social, and Promotions inboxes enabled, which is the default setting for the majority. However, users have the flexibility to customize their inbox experience and can choose to disable the new feature through Gmail Settings > email account > Inbox categories. The deployment will be gradual, but no specific timeline has been made available.

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