Get your mobile entertainment fix on the cheap with the Lenovo Tab M11 at new record low prices!

Get your mobile entertainment fix on the cheap with the Lenovo Tab M11 at new record low prices!

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How do you like your Android tablet? If your answer is “as affordable as possible” and you don’t care that much about the most sophisticated specs and technologies available today, you should probably consider buying the Lenovo Tab M11 at new record high discounts of up to $76.

Don’t get us wrong, this is far from a “bare-bones” slate, eclipsing Amazon’s rudimentary Fire tablets, for instance, in most key departments. And at a new crazy low starting price of $119.99, it’s practically impossible to argue with its unrivaled value.

Your 120 bucks will of course buy you an entry-level 64GB storage configuration that’s normally priced at $179.99, while doubling down on the local digital hoarding room of this mid-range bad boy and adding a handy Lenovo Tab Pen to the value equation will set you back an extra $24.

Both variants come with the same 4GB RAM count, which is… decent but not exactly impressive by 2024 standards, so it’s important to set your expectations accordingly as far as the deeply discounted M11’s multitasking skills are concerned.

One of the key selling points here, especially at a measly $119.99 and up, is without a doubt the large and remarkably sharp 11-inch IPS screen supporting a resolution of 1920 x 1200 pixels and silky smooth 90Hz refresh rate technology.

Although nowhere near as elegant or as robust as the best Apple iPads or Samsung Galaxy Tabs around, the Lenovo Tab M11 also impressively manages to squeeze a battery capable of keeping the lights on for up to a solid 10 hours of video playback between charges into a razor-thin and lightweight body (naturally made from plastic rather than aluminum or glass).

The MediaTek Helio G88 processor should be able to provide a respectable level of raw power for all most of your mobile entertainment needs, and to cap off the spec sheet in a spectacular way, the Lenovo Tab M11 also comes with four Dolby Atmos-enhanced speakers that sound perfect for a quick Netflix binge-watching session on the train or bus. 

Can you do better at $119.99 right now? Absolutely not, and that’s unlikely to change anytime soon, with the likes of Samsung’s Galaxy Tab A9 Plus, for instance, costing quite a bit more after hefty recent discounts of their own.

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