Generative AI editing could be coming to the iOS, iPadOS, and macOS Photos apps

Generative AI editing could be coming to the iOS, iPadOS, and macOS Photos apps

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A change made by Apple to a teaser on its website for Tuesday’s “Let Loose” event might give away some of Apple’s thinking when it comes to its upcoming iOS 18 update later this year. Spotted first by AppleInsider, the teaser, consisting of the Apple logo, turned interactive on Monday and allowed users to erase some or all of the logo using their mouse as an eraser.
While some believe that Apple is simply promoting the new Apple Pencil Pro, the rumored name for the next-gen digital writing tool that Apple is expected to unveil Tuesday, others believe that it has a more complicated meaning. Some believe that erasing the logo is a sign that Apple plans on offering generative AI editing for the native iOS, iPadOS, and macOS Photos app. In pre-release versions of macOS 15, this feature is aptly called “Clean Up” and is located in the edit menu next to other editing options such as adjustments, filters, and cropping in a new version of the Photos app.

“Clean Up” apparently replaces the Retouch feature on macOS. Not only does it handle editing chores more capably, but it also will be able to remove larger objects from a photo. Users will be able to select a “brush tool” to highlight the area of the photo that they want removed. Those testing the feature have reportedly been able to adjust the size of the “brush tool” to make it easier to highlight and remove smaller or larger objects.

Tomorrow, Apple is expected to introduce the new iPad Pro (2024) which should be the first iPads in the history of the product to sport OLED panels. The unveiling of the next iteration of the iPad Pro models could include an announcement from Apple stating that its new top-of-the-line tablets are powered by the powerful M4 chip. The M4 features an enhanced Neural Engine which means that it offers greater AI capabilities than the M2 chip that drives the current iPad Pro tablets, and the M3 which was originally rumored to power the new iPad Pro models.

When the iPad Pro (2024) tablets are announced on Tuesday, mentioning the M4 could give Apple an opening to discuss AI during the event. While Apple won’t fully preview its AI initiative until the WWDC keynote on June 10th, we could hear a little about “Clean Up” as soon as tomorrow since it sounds like a feature that will also make its way to the iPad beside the Mac and the iPhone. Apple is also expected to update its native Notes, Calculator, Calendar, and Spotlight apps later this year.

Apple could show us tomorrow how the Apple Pencil will help remove objects from photos on the iPad Photos app using “Clean Up.” We will know if Apple did indeed preview this feature tomorrow at about 7:35 am PT/10:35 am ET when Tuesday’s event comes to an end.

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