Gemini on Android getting more powerful with floating responses, live prompts for tasks and routines

Gemini on Android getting more powerful with floating responses, live prompts for tasks and routines

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It’s a big Gemini news day for Android users, with backtoback revelations on developing features. Although not officially announced by Google, there have been some additional new features revealed, recently discovered via the enabling of experimental flags.

According to PiunikaWeb (as spotted by AssembleDebug), one of the helpful new features coming to Gemini is the ability to display responses in a floating window. This means that when you ask Gemini a question, its answer won’t take over your entire screen as it does now. Instead, it will appear in a small window, similar to how Google Assistant works. This way, you can keep using the app you were on without having to switch back and forth.

Gemini responses in a floating window | Credit: PiunikaWeb

But that’s not all that Google is cooking up for Gemini on Android. As per Android Authority in collaboration with AssembleDebug, Gemini is getting another feature that will make it a strong competitor to Google Assistant: the ability to schedule commands. Named “Live prompts” in the UI, with this feature you will be able to set reminders for Gemini to perform certain tasks at specific times.

Gemini Live prompts | Credit: Android Authority

This could potentially be a game-changer feature as it puts Gemini at a closer footing to Google Assistant and perhaps the one thing that can persuade Assistant loyalists to flip that switch on Android. Being able to set routines and reminders, like, for instance, asking Gemini to show you tomorrow’s weather forecast every morning before you leave for work, is something that is seriously lacking in the app right now.

Considering Google’s focus on AI and the company’s recent restructuring to do so, it wouldn’t be crazy to think that much of this will be covered during Google I/O next month. I am definitely looking forward to hearing how the company plans to take Gemini to the next level and become a much more powerful and user-friendly virtual assistant.

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