Galaxy S25 Ultra could feature faster UFS 4.1, perfect for additional AI functionality

Galaxy S25 Ultra could feature faster UFS 4.1, perfect for additional AI functionality

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UFS 5.0, the next major update in the world of Universal Flash Storage, is not expected to be available until 2027 even though the new standard has already been under development. The next minor update will appear as UFS 4.1. A tweet from Sawyer Galox says to expect 2025’s Galaxy S25 Ultra to employ UFS 4.1. Interestingly, his tweet doesn’t mention whether the entire Galaxy S25 series will use UFS 4.1.

UFS 3.1 comes with a write speed of up to 1,200MB per second for devices with 256GB and 512GB of storage, and up to 850MB per second for 128GB of storage. UFS 4.0 includes a huge jump in write speed to 4200MB per second. However, UFS 4.1 will reportedly feature only an incremental improvement in speed designed to bring small performance gains for AI features until UFS 5.0 shows up in three years.

Even though it is considered a small update, UFS 4.1 can improve the performance of on-device AI thanks to faster read and write speeds allowing faster access to data required by AI algorithms. UFS 4.1 could also provide more energy efficiency enabling users to benefit from the lower amounts of energy consumed during data transfers needed to run AI operations. Faster data transfers also lead to improved multitasking which is necessary for AI features that run in the background including scene optimization for camera apps, and for real time language translation.

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All we know from Sawyer Galox’s tweet is, if true, the Galaxy 25 Ultra will feature UFS 4.1. We will have to see what UFS version Samsung decides on for the other phones in its upcoming flagship series.

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