Galaxy S23 and other Galaxy phones getting slower from a recent Play System update

Galaxy S23 and other Galaxy phones getting slower from a recent Play System update

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Google’s May 2024 Play System update for Android phones was rolled out in the last week of April. The update introduced password sharing for family members in Google Password Manager, also the ability to hand over Google Meet video calls between devices, and the usual stability improvements.

However, it seems the update had a negative effect on some Galaxy phones. It appears the update is slowing some of the devices down and increasing the app launch times. The affected phones include the Galaxy S23 and other models.

Samsung has acknowledged the problem on its Korean forum and provided a simple workaround to it while we wait for a fix. The workaround: rebooting the phone.

Basically, the South Korean giant recommends restarting your phone a few hours after the update if you feel the Galaxy has slowed down.

Also, if you haven’t updated your phone yet, you can avoid installing the May 2024 Play System update. Soon enough, as we are now in the month of June, this month’s Play System update should be coming soon. And it’s possible it will have a fix to the issue.

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Samsung Galaxy owners have not had an easy time with Google apps recently. Samsung Messages was reported to be crashing and the issue was linked to an update to Google Meet. Google has since updated Google Meet to fix it, but the annoyance is annoyance nonetheless.

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