For those who don’t believe in love at first sight, Google is going to launch Pixel Tablet again

For those who don’t believe in love at first sight, Google is going to launch Pixel Tablet again

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Google took a unique approach with the first Pixel Tablet by positioning it as a helpful device to be used around the house and included with it a Charging Speaker Dock. It has been nearly a year since the device’s release and it doesn’t look like the company has a successor prepared for a May unveiling during the I/O conference where the Pixel 8a will allegedly be announced. To make up for that, the Mountain View giant will allegedly relaunch the Pixel Tablet with a new angle.
The Pixel Tablet starts at $499 and comes with a dock on which you can place the device while you are not using it to charge it or use it as a smart display. The tablet technically supports keyboard and tablet accessories but Google currently doesn’t sell the add-ons.
A rumor picked up by 9to5Google says the Pixel Tablet will soon be relaunched with new official accessories.
Leaker MysteryLupin says that Google will relaunch the Pixel Tablet without the dock and with an optional stylus and Bluetooth keyboard in the colors Hazel and Porcelain. They imply that it will be announced three days after Apple’s May 7 iPad event.
The accessories will cost €100 each and for the first time, you will be able to purchase the tablet with any accessory, including the dock. This will bring the price of the tablet down and make it more competitive with the best affordable tablets of 2024.

The leak says it will cost around €600, which would make it cheaper than the current Tablet and charging/speaker station bundle sold for €679.

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Since this is a tablet that was first teased in 2022, it’s going to take a little more than new accessories to get people excited, so we might finally see the rumored dark gray variant that was never announced.

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