FCC visit reveals battery capacity for the Galaxy Z Flip 6

FCC visit reveals battery capacity for the Galaxy Z Flip 6

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When it comes to popularity, the clamshell foldable Galaxy Z Flip 3, Galaxy Z Flip 4, and Galaxy Z Flip 5 have been the most popular foldable devices over the last three years. Because of the form factor of the device, Samsung uses two different batteries on these models. Last year’s Galaxy Z Flip 5 carried a 971mAh and a 2,620mAh cell which Samsung marketed as having a typical battery capacity of 3700mAh matching the typical battery capacity of the Galaxy Z Flip 4.
With the Motorola Razr 50 Ultra, which will be known as the Razr+ (2024) in the U.S., expected to feature a 4000mAh battery capacity, Samsung might have to consider hiking the typical battery capacity for the Galaxy Z Flip 6 to 4000mAh which is something that we discussed earlier this year after the Galaxy Club mentioned it. But here we are four months later and according to MySmartPrice, the upcoming clamshell foldable has been certified by the FCC; the latter’s database shows that the device will use dual-cell batteries with the model numbers EB-BF741ABY and EB-BF742ABY.
Based on previous documentation, the EB-BF741ABY has a capacity of 1097mAh while the EB-BF742ABY weighs in at 2790mAh which matches the capacities that Galaxy Club mentioned that Samsung was testing back in January. The two batteries add up to 3887mAh which Samsung could market as a typical 4000mAh capacity. For example, the Galaxy S24 has a rated battery capacity of 3880mAh which Samsung promotes as a typical capacity of 4000mAh.

The 3887mAh capacity of the two batteries expected to power the Galaxy Z Flip 6 tops the capacity of the two cells used to keep the lights on the Galaxy Z Flip 5 by 296mAh or 8.3%. If we used the expected typical capacity of 4000mAh for the upcoming clamshell and compare it to the 3700mAh typical capacity promoted by Samsung for the Galaxy Z Flip 5, this year’s typical 300mAh improvement would work out to be an 8.1% hike.

The rated capacity of a battery is the amount of power (in milliamp hours or mAh) the manufacturer says the cell can store and deliver. The typical capacity takes into consdideration factors such as room temperature. Most manufacturers promote the battery in their devices using the typical capacity because it provides a figure based on the actual performance of the cell under real-world conditions.

We could see Samsung introduce the Galaxy Z Flip 6 alongside the Galaxy Z Fold 6, the Galaxy Watch 7 series, and the Galaxy Ring in Paris on July 10th. The next Unpacked event is being held in Paris because that is where the 2024 Summer Olympics will be held starting July 26th, and Samsung is an official partner and sponsor of the Summer Olympics through 2028.

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