FCC listings confirm the Galaxy Watch 7 series and the long-rumored affordable Galaxy Watch

FCC listings confirm the Galaxy Watch 7 series and the long-rumored affordable Galaxy Watch

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Leaks are starting to build up now about Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Watch 7, which is expected to be unveiled in July or August (possibly alongside the Z Fold 6 and Flip 6). Now, new info coming from FCC listings gives us some insight about its potential model numbers, and also the existence of the long-rumored Galaxy Watch FE. According to the listings, the Watch 7 will be available (as expected) in Bluetooth and LTE versions, and we also have a listing of a device that could very well be the Galaxy Watch FE. The model numbers mentioned are SM-L300, SM-L305, SM-L310, SM-L315, and SM-R861.

Given the fact that the Galaxy Watch 6 had a similar naming scheme for its model version, we can deduce the following:

  • SM-L300Galaxy Watch 7 40mm, Wi-Fi  (Galaxy Watch 6 40mm with Wi-Fi being SM-R930)
  • SM-L305Galaxy Watch 7 40mm LTE (Galaxy Watch 6 40mm LTE being SM-R935)
  • SM-L310Galaxy Watch 7 44mm Wi-Fi  (Galaxy Watch 6 44mm Wi-Fi being SM-R940)
  • SM-L315Galaxy Watch 7 44mm LTE (Galaxy Watch 6 44mm LTE’s number being SM-R945)

The FCC listings don’t explicitly list product names associated with these numbers, of course. However, they do indicate that the SM-L300 and the SM-L310 models support Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, and the other two offer cellular connectivity. And then we have the SM-R861 model. Previous rumors suggested a Pro version of the Galaxy Watch 7 series, but the Pro models are reportedly numbered SM-L700 and SM-L705. Then the SM-R861 remains for the long-rumored Galaxy Watch FE.

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The budget-friendly option of the Galaxy Watch is expected to come with WearOS and all the fancy features but in a more affordable package. It is expected to possibly be positioned closer to the Watch 6 models than the 7. In the FCC listing, it is only shown with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, which could most likely mean the FE won’t have a cellular option.

A report in April suggested that this model won’t be called Watch FE, but instead Galaxy Watch 4 (2024). If that’s true, it would be a rather strange convention for Samsung… But even if it ends up being called Watch 4 (2024), it will most likely be what you would expect from a Watch FE.

Samsung’s next Unpacked event is rumored to take place on July 10. We’ll likely hear more about the wearables the more we approach that date, so stay tuned!

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