Facebook and Instagram experiencing outages along the East and West Coasts of the U.S.

Facebook and Instagram experiencing outages along the East and West Coasts of the U.S.

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According to DownDetector, Instagram and its stablemate Facebook are both experiencing outages on Tuesday evening. The number of Instagram users reporting a problem to DownDetector soared to 11,965 at 9:47 pm ET compared to 62 who had an issue at 7:01 pm ET. Facebook, at 9:48 pm, had 650 complaints submitted with DownDetector compared to the 49 complaints lodged with the site at 7:02 pm ET.

71% of the complaints from Facebook users mentioned issues with the website, 20% had an issue with the app while 10% couldn’t login to the social media site. Several complaints said that Facebook was not loading. As for Instagram, 55% of the complaints revolved around the app, 33% complained about a server connection, and 12% could nor login. The comments posted on DownDetector noted how the app was not up and running this evening. As one user wrote, “Ughhh wtf?”

Instagram’s Threads social media platform also saw a huge surge in complaints filed with DownDetector although the latter says that the platform is only showing a “possible problem.” From no complaints at all at 7:19 pm ET,  125 complaints were tallied at 9:49 pm ET. 72% of Threads users had issues with the app, 25% complained about the website, and 3% had a problem with a server connection. As one Threads user said on DownDetector, “Threads is down big time for me. Anyone else?”

Another Meta connected platform showing a possible problem on DownDetector is Facebook Messenger.

Outages of these Meta services seem to be heavily concentrated in New York and California. So far we have not seen any comment from the company.

This is a developing story and will be updated. Please check back later.

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