Eufy announces trackers that work with Google’s Find My Device network

Eufy announces trackers that work with Google’s Find My Device network

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It’s been quite a wait, but Android users will soon be able to take advantage of eufy’s popular and affordable Bluetooth tracking devices. As spotted by Android Authority, the company has announced that, as of June, their SmartTrack Link and SmartTrack Card will both work seamlessly with Google’s recently launched Find My Device network.This is good news for Android users who’ve been frustrated by the limited choice of trackers compatible with the system. With the Find My Device network, you can leverage the massive collection of active Android devices to locate lost belongings that have a tracker attached.

Currently, eufy’s SmartTrack devices are incredibly budget-friendly options. It’s still unclear, though, whether the versions compatible with Find My Device will keep the same price, but that information should come before the June release date. Eufy tracker tags are also compatible with unknown tracker alerts on both Android and iOS, which will help protect you from being tracked without your consent.

While other companies like Chipolo and Pebblebee are already gearing up to release their own Find My Device trackers, it’s great to see eufy expanding compatibility. The larger the selection of supported trackers, the more robust the overall tracking network becomes, not to mention, more choice for us — the users.

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It’s also worth mentioning that, as mentioned by the source, Google itself has been hinting at a first-party Bluetooth tracker (codename: “Grogu”), which is assumed to be up for an announcement next month during Google I/O. However, Tile, one of the biggest players in the tracker world, seems to be sitting this one out. They’ve indicated that there are no immediate plans to create a Find My Device-compatible option. So, if you’re committed to Tile, you may need to look at other brands for the time being.

It’s encouraging to see companies like eufy jump on the Find My Device tracker ecosystem. More choices means more competition and innovation, which also usually translates to more affordability.

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