Document reveals TSMC will produce Tensor G5 AP for Pixel 10 series; chip supports 16GB RAM

Document reveals TSMC will produce Tensor G5 AP for Pixel 10 series; chip supports 16GB RAM

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If you’re a regular PhoneArena reader, you might be familiar with the Tensor G5 application processor (AP) that will power the Pixel 10 series (if you’re an irregular PhoneArena reader, a cup of prune juice might straighten you out). Unlike the Tensor chipsets that powered the Pixel 6 through Pixel 9, which are modified Samsung Exynos APs manufactured by Samsung Foundry, the Tensor G5 will be fully customized by Google.

Another change coming with the Tensor G5 has to do with the foundry that will manufacture the chipset. The first four Tensor chips, including the Tensor G4 that will be powering the upcoming Pixel 9 line later this year, were built by Samsung Foundry but this will change next year. The Tensor G5 will be produced by TSMC, the world’s largest foundry, using its second-generation 3nm process node (N3E).

Android Authority has shared the shipping manifest for a sample Tensor G5 chip that was being imported into India. Based on a breakdown of this document, the shipping manifest reveals Google’s part number (G313-09488-00), the categories that the product belongs to (Integrated Circuit, System on a Chip), and denotes that it is a new product introduction. Among the remaining information revealed by the document is the manufacturer of the chip which is listed as TSMC.

We also know that the sample chip in question is the Tensor G5 since the manifest shows that the codename for the component is LGA which is an abbreviation for “Laguna Beach” which is said to be the codename for the fifth-generation Tensor chipset. Another sign that TSMC is making the Temsor G5 can be seen on the document where InFO POP is listed as the packaging technology used on the chipset. InFO POP technology is exclusive to TSMC.

The manifest shows that the Tensor G5 had passed the SLT (system-level test) which runs a finalized version of a chip in a test device to simulate how it performs handling basic tasks. The chip carries 16GB of POP (package-on-package) RAM, typically employed to save space on the motherboard. It would seem to indicate that rumors about the Pixel 9 Pro sporting 16GB of RAM are true and that this will carry over to the Pixel 10 series in 2025.

If you’ve been considering upgrading to the Pixel 9, Pixel 9 Pro, or Pixel 9 Pro XL this year, you might want to hold off for a year and pick up one of the Pixel 10 series phones in 2025 since all indications are they will be powered by a chip fully customized by Google. This could allow Google to create exclusive features for the Pixel 10 line that will run seamlessly on the Tensor G5 SoC.

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