Diwali Par Itne Deals Saste Damo Par Kaise Aate Hai

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Diwali ke dino mein online retailers aur offline stores apne customers ko attract karne ke liye kai tarah ke deals aur offers provide karte hain. Yahan kuch karan hain jisse Diwali par deals itne saste damo par aati hain:

  1. Festival Season Excitement:
    • Diwali ek mahatvapurna tyohar hai, aur log is season mein shopping ke liye taiyar hote hain. Is excitement ko dekhte huye, retailers special Diwali deals aur discounts offer karte hain.
  2. Competition Among Retailers:
    • Online aur offline markets mein cutthroat competition hota hai. Diwali jaise occasions par retailers apne competitors se aage nikalne ke liye kai prakar ke offers aur deals provide karte hain.
  3. Inventory Clearance:
    • Diwali ke samay retailers apne old inventory ko clearance karne ka bhi sochte hain, jisse unhe storage space mil sake aur latest products ko stock kar sake.
  4. Attracting New Customers:
    • Diwali par retailers naye customers ko attract karne ke liye special discounts aur deals offer karte hain. Ye customers ko unke brand ke saath judne mein prerit karta hai.
  5. Increase in Sales Volume:
    • Diwali ke dino mein log apni shopping list complete karne mein jyada interested hote hain. Retailers yeh opportunity ka istemal karte hain aur apne sales volume ko badhane ke liye attractive deals provide karte hain.
  6. Promotion and Marketing:
    • Diwali se pehle, retailers apne upcoming deals ka promotion karte hain takki log unke stores ya websites par visit karein. Social media, emails, aur other marketing channels ka istemal bhi hota hai.
  7. Customer Loyalty Programs:
    • Kuch retailers apne existing customers ke liye special loyalty programs aur rewards offer karte hain jisse unhe Diwali par extra benefits mil sake.
  8. Bulk Purchase Discounts:
    • Kai retailers bulk purchases par extra discounts provide karte hain. Isse logon ko encourage kiya jata hai ki woh ek saath jyada quantity purchase karein.
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In sabhi karanon se Diwali ke dino mein market mein high competition hoti hai, jisse customers ko kai tarah ke benefits milte hain. Isi wajah se Diwali par deals itne saste damo par aati hain.


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