Comcast’s NOW prepaid internet and phone plans go nationwide after successful trial

Comcast’s NOW prepaid internet and phone plans go nationwide after successful trial

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Following the trial that began last month, Comcast has now gone nationwide into the prepaid game with NOW, a new way to get internet and phone service without all the usual hassles. Think no contracts, no credit checks, and prices that won’t break the bank.

NOW Mobile isn’t your average prepaid phone plan. Comcast figures that we already use Wi-Fi for most of our phone-related stuff anyway, so what they’ve done is hook their service up to Xfinity’s large Wi-Fi hotspot network. This move allows for better connectivity as well as making their plans much more affordable.

If you need internet at home, NOW Internet could be a solid option. Comcast says that what sets NOW apart from other 5G home internet plans is that it relies on Comcast’s existing cable network. That often means more reliable speeds and a smoother connection overall. Plus, you get unlimited data and a setup-ready gateway included.

NOW also facilitates you being in control of your plan. You can easily sign up, pause, or cancel your service online or through the app, without having to deal with pushy sales reps. This whole NOW lineup (which also includes streaming TV and on-the-go WiFi passes) is, is built around giving you choices.

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The Cost Breakdown

Below are the plans available with NOW and their associated costs:

  • NOW Internet: Choose your speed – 100 Mbps for $30/month or 200 Mbps for $45/month.
  • NOW Mobile: Snag a super-affordable unlimited plan if you already have Xfinity or NOW Internet (think $55/month or less). Additional lines are only $25/month each.
  • NOW TV: Live channels, on-demand shows, and Peacock Premium for $20/month.
  • NOW WiFi Pass: Unlimited Xfinity WiFi hotspot access for $20 a month.
If you’re looking for a no-commitment way to stay connected without spending a fortune, NOW could be a great option. It’s ideal for budget-conscious folks, students, and those who need temporary internet service (like while moving or setting up a vacation home). With the government’s Affordable Connectivity Program winding down, NOW’s prepaid plans could also be a lifesaver for keeping those monthly bills manageable.

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