“Circle to Search” may be getting new functionality that rivals the traditional screenshot tool

“Circle to Search” may be getting new functionality that rivals the traditional screenshot tool

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If you’ve ever wanted a quicker way to share specific parts of your phone screen with friends or colleagues, you’ll be glad to know a feature just like that may be arriving soon. Google is reportedly working on an update to Circle to Search which allows users to copy and share screenshots of a selected area of the screen.”Circle to Search,” the feature currently available on some newer Pixel and Samsung Galaxy phones, lets users draw a circle on the screen to search for information, as well as copy text. With the new update that is under development, according to findings by AssembleDebug (via PiunikaWeb), users will be able to do more than just search. They will be able to copy the circled area as an image, allowing them to edit or share it with others.

“Circle to Search” screenshot selection | Credit: PiunikaWeb

This will be particularly useful for sharing specific parts of apps, documents, and other visuals on your phone screen. Currently, to accomplish this you’d have to take a screenshot, then crop it in order to capture only a portion of what is on the display. 

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In addition to the new screenshot functionality, Circle to Search looks to also be getting a slight new look to it, specifically to the handles surrounding the area that is being selected. Currently, the area selected is enclosed in rounded brackets, while the new area looks more square and with less polish. It’s possible that this isn’t a final design and just a sign that development on this feature is far from finished.

Credit: PiunikaWeb

It is unknown when this new feature for Circle to Search is planned as an update for Pixel phones. However, judging by how tweaks to existing features such as this one traditionally get rolled out, it makes sense that this would make it into a future Pixel Feature Drop. It is also a possibility that Google may want to save this as an announcement for Google I/O as an Android 15 improvement.

Either way, Circle to Search and AI seem to be where Google is spending most of its energy these days. It would make sense if Google wants to spend a little more time working to refine and add polish to this feature before rolling it out to users. 

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