Check out the official Apple videos from today’s “Let Loose” event

Check out the official Apple videos from today’s “Let Loose” event

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Admit it you left coasters. You just did not want to get up at 7 am to watch Apple’s “Let Loose” event even though you were dying to see the first OLED paneled iPads and learn more about the M4 chip and the Apple Pencil Pro. Those on the East Coast might not have had the same problem, but they had to figure out how to watch the event while they were supposed to be working.

Most of what Apple announced were things that we already had told you to expect right down to the use of the M4 chip on the new iPad Pro models, the Apple Pencil Pro’s squeeze gesture and name, the aluminum build of the Magic Keyboard and more.
You still might want to take a look at the videos that Apple released after the event came to an end. The first one introduces the new iPad Pro models and the top-of-the-line tablets now feature OLED displays. Take a look at how thin this tablet is and the use of tandem OLED technology brings you a brilliant display.

What makes the M4 chip inside the iPad Pro so powerful? First, it is produced using TSMC’s second-gen 3nm process node and features 10 CPU and 10 GPU cores making it 50% faster than the CPU on the M2 which powers the previous iPad Pro (2022) models. The neural engine can handle 38 trillion operations per second. Take a look at this video!

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The iPad Pro is extremely thin and some of this is due to the new OLED display being used on both top-of-the-line tablets. We can tell you that Apple did not use the process seen in the following hilarious video.

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The new Apple Pencil Pro and the iPad Pro make a great team as this video shows.

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If Apple adds a video that replays the entire event, we will add it to the list. In the meantime, if you go through the videos above, you should get the gist of what the “Let Loose” event was all about.

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