Can’t afford the Pixel 8? Now you can definitely afford the Pixel 7 at a record 40 percent discount!

Can’t afford the Pixel 8? Now you can definitely afford the Pixel 7 at a record 40 percent discount!

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With the Pixel 8a right around the corner and the Pixel 7, 7 Pro, and 7a all hugely discounted by several different US retailers, hardcore Google fans may find it virtually impossible to make the wisest buying decision at this time. Complicating matters even more, Woot has just rolled out a hot new Pixel 7 promotion, bringing the 2022-released 6.3-inch powerhouse down to a lower-than-ever price of $359.99.

That represents an absolutely massive discount of 250 bucks (or 40 percent) from the $599.99 the Pixel 7 originally commanded a year and a half ago, also beating Amazon’s latest special offer on the same handset by a cool $40.
At 360 bucks, the Google Tensor G2-powered Pixel 7 is currently a measly $10 costlier than the Pixel 7a, which is obviously a little younger but also obviously a little humbler in a few key areas. Specifically, the “regular” Pixel 7 comes with a little bit of extra screen real estate, as well as objectively better cameras, slightly higher charging speeds, and perhaps most importantly, a more premium design made from aluminum and glass rather than plastic.
Of course, the Pixel 7 Pro, Pixel 8, and 8 Pro are all undeniably better phones than this deeply discounted Pixel 7, which is naturally why they’re considerably more expensive too. A Pixel 8, for instance, costs $550 right now, and even after the Pixel 8a‘s impending launch, we don’t expect that price point to go below the $499 mark.
When taking the Pixel 7‘s stellar long-term software support into consideration, there’s every chance you’ll reach the conclusion that you’re looking at the absolute best budget 5G phone available today. The only affordable device from a rival brand able to compete on that front is probably Samsung’s Galaxy A54, which often goes for around $350… with a low-quality plastic frame, higher-quality 120Hz screen, and arguably weaker cameras. 
That’s another tough choice you’re facing, as is deciding whether or not to wait for the Pixel 8a, which is likely to be better… but also pricier than the Pixel 7.

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