Can you hear me now? Verizon, US Cellular and AT&T are down

Can you hear me now? Verizon, US Cellular and AT&T are down

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It’s a rough afternoon for many as DownDetector is showing that many wireless providers, including Verizon, the nation’s largest, are down. Other wireless firms such as AT&T, Cricket, and Consumer Cellular (the latter two use AT&T’s network) are also having issues. The number of complaints being submitted from Verizon customers to DownDetector has been growing steadily throughout the day. Starting with 13 complaints at 5:57 am EDT, the number ballooned to 1,813 by 4:27 pm EDT.

78% of the complaints about Verizon had to do with subscribers unable to use their mobile phones, 16% reported problems with their 5G home internet service, and 7% were unable to access the mobile internet. On the DownDetector site, a Verizon subscriber says, “Down In Minnesota, can’t make or receive calls. NO one can call into the phone.” Another Verizon customer wrote, “Cell phone service is down in SW Michigan. Can’t make or receive any calls.”

Cities reporting in the most about the Verizon outage include New York City, Philadelphia, Indianapolis, Brooklyn, Queens, Woodside, Chicago, Charlotte, and Pittsburgh.

The number of AT&T subscribers submitting a report to DownDetector rose to 3,074 by 4:51 pm EDT from 15 at 6:36 am EDT. 89% complained about their mobile phone not working, 6% said that their mobile internet wasn’t working while 5% said the same thing about their landline internet.

As for AT&T, the company issued a statement saying, “There is a nationwide issue that is affecting the ability of customers to complete calls between carriers. The carriers are working as quickly as possible to diagnose and resolve the issue.” The cities most represented by complaints from AT&T subscribers include New York City, Brooklyn, Kissimmee, Chicago, Pittsburgh, Dallas, Philadelphia, Indianapolis, and Cleveland.

An AT&T subscriber wrote, “I’ve spent eight hours unable to text, call or access the internet. Restarted my cell on my way home from work and miraculously got a 5G signal where I had a circle and slash all day. No idea what happened but it NEVER happened when I had Verizon.” Another AT&T customer stated, “Issues in Illinois with phone calls, and internet.”

Other wireless providers that use AT&T’s network such as MVNOs Cricket and Consumer Cellular are also both listed as experiencing issues according to DownDetector.

While T-Mobile is said to be “possibly” experiencing problems, the carrier it is looking to purchase for $4.4 billion, US Cellular, is having issues based on the number of complaints sent to Down Detector.

We will be monitoring the situation. Check in often for the latest.

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