Can you guess the Galaxy AI edited photo?

Can you guess the Galaxy AI edited photo?

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Samsung launched the new Galaxy AI with the Galaxy S24 series early this year. It’s a pretty bare set of features, which offers (not so effective) live translation, a (very effective) website article summary option, together with a Notes summarizer and smart Voice Recorder transcription. Of course, one of the big ones is AI photo editing — or “generative” editing — which allows you to rotate a picture, move objects, or straight up delete objects from a scene and have the AI generate pixels to make up for missing spots.

Cool, awesome, great, right? Well, as all things this early in AI, it’s not perfect. We’ve reviewed it, many have shown it on the web. In reality — you will sometimes, maybe, end up with a picture that you can share on social media, if you don’t care too much whether people will be “fooled” by the edit or not. Practically, it’s still better to get your picture right from the get go. Ha! Take that! Photography skills are still relevant!

Anyway, we thought — why not play a little game? Instead of showing you a bunch of photos and saying “Yeah, this is a Galaxy AI edit”, we decided to run a fun, quick blind test. Will you be fooled by the edits? Most likely not, but we figure you’d have some fun while pixel-peeping. And, to be fair, some of these turned out pretty impressive — even if the generator didn’t quite get “reality” right, it got close!

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So, here we go — the Galaxy AI edit blind test!

Scene 1: Deep in spatial computing reality

I caught Victor entering deep into the Apple Reality Distortion field. Is the photo unflattering? Probably, don’t tell him I caught it. Anyway, I decided to AI-edit it with some resizing and repositioning. Can you guess with photo has been tampered with?

Scene 2: Barcelona!

A photo from our latest trip to MWC in Barcelona. I decided the subject in the photo isn’t positioned right. Well, I didn’t really, I just wanted to see how the generative edit will do with this one. Well, which photo has been edited?

Scene 3: I have no Android and ice cream

Here’s another fun one. I figured there’s enough here to trip the AI and have it generate something broken or ridiculous. It actually… didn’t! So, can you guess which photo has been edited?

Scene 4: Rearranging some stuff

Thought moving some small objects around may make for a more undetectable edit. So, obviously, two of the things in these photos have their places switched. Find the differences, and tell us which one has been modified!

Scene 5: No, dog, stand over there!

Editing pictures with pets is a tough call. Lots of fur, lots of weird limbs that AI needs to make out, and oh those tails. I’ll be honest, more often than not, moving my dog around in a photo ends up with a funny fail. This photo turned out OK. Which one is the AI edit?

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No cheating, now! Pinky promise?
OK, you’ve gone through them, you’ve had your guesses. We won’t be keeping you at the edge of your seats ’till next week. Here are the answers. Feel free to comment on the AI edits in our comments section below!

  • Scene 1: B is AI edited
  • Scene 2: A is AI edited
  • Scene 3: B is AI edited
  • Scene 4: A is AI edited
  • Scene 5: B is AI edited
Did you get all of them? To be honest, it’s pretty impressive how the AI generated more material for Victor’s shirt, wrinkles and whatnot included. On scene two, the AI decided to not generate a full section of the wall, but instead cut it off in a pretty natural manner. Scene 3 took me quite a while to generate — it kept drawing weird stuff in the background, at one point it generated me extending my arm towards the Android mascot — and it looked atrocious (sorry, I immediately discarded it). Scene 4, I couldn’t get that to crop out the objects without that weird fuzzy border around them. Same goes for my dog in Scene 5 — but hey, fur against leaves must be hard for the AI!You may have noticed that there’s a little PA logo on the bottom left of each of these. That’s because whenever the Galaxy AI edits one of your pictures, the output photo is marked with a logo. Interesting point — as far as we know, legislators are currently trying to figure out if it should be mandatory for anything that’s made with AI to be evidently marked as such. Some social media platforms are already required to do so. Apparently, Samsung decided to get ahead on this and just add the watermark to be safe.

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