Bluesky users can now slide into those DMs

Bluesky users can now slide into those DMs

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Bluesky has finally unveiled its new direct messaging (DM) feature, allowing users to privately chat one-on-one directly within the app. This was previously announced as an upcoming feature at the beginning of the month, and it looks like it has been quickly rolled out and subsequently shared on the Bluesky roadmap blog.

To kick off a private conversation, users can simply click on the chat icon, which can be found at the bottom of the screen on mobile devices and on the sidebar for desktop users. From there, starting a new chat is as easy as clicking the plus icon on mobile or “New chat” on desktop. Users will need to search for the person they wish to message and hit send once their message is ready.

By default, only accounts you follow can send you direct messages. However, you can adjust your settings to allow messages from no one, only people you follow, or all Bluesky users. Users who have been blocked will not be able to send you a message, but those who are muted can. Additionally, you can easily block users directly from the DM feature. If the app indicates a user cannot be messaged, it’s possible they have adjusted their settings to only receive messages from those they follow or no one at all.

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For now, Bluesky DMs are limited to text messages only, but the company has plans to add support for images and other media formats in the future. Group messaging and end-to-end encryption are also on the horizon, with more details about the encryption plans outlined in Bluesky’s 2024 protocol roadmap. The platform is also committed to continuous improvements in anti-harassment and safety measures for direct messages.

In terms of safety, Bluesky has measures in place to ensure user safety. Users can report DMs directly to moderators, who will then review the messages for any violations of the Community Guidelines. If violations are found, the consequences could range from temporary or permanent loss of DM privileges to complete account removal. While Bluesky’s moderation team may need to access DMs in rare cases to investigate broader patterns of abuse, this is only done when absolutely necessary and with strict internal tracking and limitations.

The introduction of DMs on Bluesky is a significant step in expanding the platform’s features and providing users with a more comprehensive social media experience. As the company continues to develop and refine the feature, users can anticipate a more stable, secure, and versatile DM experience in the future.

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