Best Buy’s exciting deal on the Lenovo Tab M11 steals the limelight once again

Best Buy’s exciting deal on the Lenovo Tab M11 steals the limelight once again

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What’s super affordable and keeps you entertained? The Lenovo Tab M11 (2024), of course! Especially when you get one at discounted prices via Best Buy! That’s right – the seller doesn’t just give you an awesome Surface Pro 9 deal – it lets those on a tight budget get something new to tackle boredom. The Android tablet is now available at $60 off its price tag. 

Mind you, this isn’t the base storage model we’re talking about. No, you can get the 4/128GB model under $140! What’s more, this bad boy has dropped to that price just once before, and you won’t find it cheaper on Amazon or the official store! Now, that sounds like a pretty good Father’s Day gift idea for dads who love watching movies and kids who can’t splurge too much, right?

Alternatively, you might want to check out Amazon’s own offer on the 11-inch Lenovo tablet. This seller offers not just the device but its compatible pen and a Folio Case accessory at 25% off, which equates to $58. If you often have to use a stylus, this deal might be a more suitable option.While it’s certainly not good enough to take down the best Android tablets on the market, the Tab M11 is still pretty solid for everyday tasks. You can easily switch between streaming and browsing, depending on your needs. 

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With its slim design, a MediaTek core, and powerful quad-speaker system optimized by Dolby Atmos, this is easily one of the best media consumption devices for traveling. Let’s not forget that you also have a large battery that should keep you occupied for up to 10 hours per charge. All of that can now be yours for just under $140. Isn’t that nice? 

Once again, keep in mind that the budget tablet is nowhere as good as flagship Samsung models, let alone the latest iPad Pro M4 beasts. But if you don’t really need that much horsepower (or simply need an affordable gift for Father’s Day), you should definitely check this one out.

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