Best Buy is offering an extreme discount on M1 iPad Air to clear out inventory

Best Buy is offering an extreme discount on M1 iPad Air to clear out inventory

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The iPad Air is one of the finest tablets you can buy today and while it already was the most affordable device with the phenomenal M1 chip, we never saw a discount of more than $150 on it. With Apple reportedly gearing up to release new models, Best Buy is now making way for the upcoming lineup by knocking the current-gen iPad Air down to its lowest price to date.

If you aren’t a specs snob but need a tablet that can double up as a laptop when needed and don’t want to spend an exorbitant amount acquiring it, the iPad Air is your best option right now.

Although the iPad Air has been around since 2022, since it has the phenomenally fast M1 chip inside, it’s better than most newer top tablets. It has more performance than an average person needs, so in day-to-day use, it will be on par with upcoming slates for at least a couple of years.

The device is sleek and lightweight and its 10.9 inches screen is a good size for both tablet tasks like browsing the web and watching recipe videos and productivity work like preparing a presentation or editing graphics.

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Apple’s Stage Manager multitasking system has also made multitasking smoother on the iPad, so if you are someone who likes to work, play, and check emails at the same time, you’ll be happy with this slate.

The base iPad Air with 8GB of RAM and 64GB of storage costs $599.99 but if you get it within the next few hours, you’ll only be paying $399.99. That’s a steal in every sense of the word and if you want one of the fastest iPads available but don’t want to spend $799 on the 11-inch iPad Pro, you should grab this tablet before the deal expires.

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