Believe it or not, Circle to Search may be coming to iPhones

Believe it or not, Circle to Search may be coming to iPhones

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Google’s popular “Circle to Search” feature, which was introduced earlier this year, allows users to search for objects simply by drawing circles around them within images. Initially confined to Samsung Galaxy S24 series and Pixel 8 smartphones, a recent finding suggests that this convenient tool might soon be coming to iOS devices via the Google Chrome browser.According to a report by The Mac Observer, Google has been hard at work on an enhanced version of Google Lens Search, internally referred to as “LensOverlay.” This update is expected to include Circle to Search functionality, potentially bringing it to iPhones in the near future.

Evidence of this appeared in the form of a new flag labeled “Lens Circle to Search” discovered within the Chrome for iOS code. This strongly suggests that users could soon be able to circle items on their screens to trigger a Google Lens search, directly within the Chrome browser.

Code found alluding to “Circle to Search” on Chrome for iOS | Credit: The Mac Observer

While the exact timeframe for the feature’s release remains unclear, it’s expected to be just a matter of time before iOS users can take advantage of this tool. The exact scope of the rollout remains uncertain, as it is unclear if it will extend beyond iPhones to include iPads, and whether the launch will be gradual or widespread. Of course, it’s important to mention that there are workarounds right now that give you this same functionality on iOS, which require only the use of the Google Lens app.The addition of Circle to Search on iOS would mark a significant expansion for the feature, which has garnered attention for its intuitive approach to object identification and search. Though initially limited to select Android devices, the feature’s potential availability on iOS devices through Chrome signifies Google’s commitment to making this technology more accessible across platforms.

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As users await an official announcement, the possibility of a seamless integration of Circle to Search within the Google Chrome browser on iPhones is already generating considerable excitement within the tech community.

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