AT&T teams with AST SpaceMobile to launch five satellites this summer

AT&T teams with AST SpaceMobile to launch five satellites this summer

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AT&T is going up in space! The telecom giant announced a deal with satellite provider AST SpaceMobile. The goal is to deliver a space-based broadband network to cell phones.

The plan is to launch five satellites from Cape Canaveral, Florida, into low-Earth orbit “this summer” with the intention of starting a satellite commercial service.

Here’s what the joint statement reads:

After they’re launched, these initial five satellites will “help enable commercial service that was previously demonstrated with several key milestones”. These industry first moments during 2023 include the first voice call, text and video call via space between everyday smartphones.Chris Sambar, Head of Network for AT&T, will soon be appointed to AST SpaceMobile’s board of directors. AT&T will continue to work directly with AST SpaceMobile on developing, testing, and troubleshooting this technology to help make continental U.S. satellite coverage possible.

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“Space-based direct-to-mobile technology is designed to provide customers connectivity by complementing and integrating with our existing mobile network”, said Jeff McElfresh, Chief Operating Officer, AT&T. “This agreement is the next step in our industry leadership to use emerging satellite technologies to provide services to consumers and in locations where connectivity was not previously feasible”.

One day in the not-too-distant future, consumers will feel a greater peace of mind knowing they have connectivity in places like wilderness areas, including US national park lands, rural highways, and other hard to reach locations around the country.

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