Apple’s WWDC teaser hints that Siri is getting a big AI makeover

Apple’s WWDC teaser hints that Siri is getting a big AI makeover

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I’ll admit it, I’m getting very excited about the WWDC 2024 Keynote which will take place Monday, June 10th starting at 10 am PDT/1 pm EDT. The entire AI infusion for iOS 18 is one thing to be looking forward to but more specifically it is the upgrading of Siri through new AI features that has me the most excited. Siri has never lived up to the potential expected when the virtual digital assistant first debuted in 2011’s iPhone 4s.
Siri is great when you need a timer or an alarm set on your iPhone. However, when it comes to getting an answer to a question, you more often than not are given three excerpts from different websites leaving you to go through each one to find the answer to your query. On the other hand, Google Assistant will more often give you a single straight answer which is why I always install the iOS Google Assistant app whenever I buy an iPhone. And even if Google Assistant responds to a query with multiple responses, there is a Search chip at the bottom of the screen that will give you a more focused response.
Besides allowing Siri to control the functions of individual apps by voice, we hope to see AI-generated summaries which could make it easier for Siri to respond to your question with an easy-to-understand answer. Apple has just given us a strong hint that Siri will be one of the applications receiving an AI makeover that will be previewed at WWDC next Monday. Other apps to get some AI changes with the iOS 18 update include Notes, Messages, Voice Memos, and Safari.
On the Apple Developer website, Apple posted a new teaser for WWDC 2024 that shows the iconic Apple logo done up in Siri colors: Blue, Purple, White, and Pink. These are the same colors that you’ll see in the ball that appears on the bottom of your screen when you call for Siri on your iPhone. What can we take from this? Considering that this teaser is for WWDC 2024, we can come away from this secure in the knowledge that we will see Apple preview some very exciting changes for its virtual digital assistant that have been a long time coming.

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