Apple’s iPad Pro 13 with M4 power, 2TB storage, 5G, and nano-texture glass is steeply discounted

Apple’s iPad Pro 13 with M4 power, 2TB storage, 5G, and nano-texture glass is steeply discounted

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If you think you can live without a single functioning kidney or you’ve recently won the lottery, Apple‘s maxed-out new 13-inch iPad Pro is probably the best tablet for you. And if you hurry, Amazon will let you save a massive 365 bucks without any strings attached whatsoever, which might in turn allow you to retain one of your kidneys after all.

Of course, $365 represents a relatively modest 14 percent of an absolutely staggering $2,599 list price for the top-of-the-line seventh-gen iPad Pro 13 with a whopping two terabytes of internal storage space, built-in 5G connectivity, and nano-texture display glass.

But that doesn’t make this hot new deal any less exciting or rare, and if you want to make sure you don’t miss out on that mind-blowing discount, you should place your order as soon as you read this… if it’s not already too late. Although it’s pretty obvious that very few people can afford to pay well over $2K for a new tablet sans keyboard or stylus, Amazon is listing the most advanced and costliest iPad Pro 13 (2024) configuration as “temporarily out of stock”, presumably due to overwhelmingly high demand.

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The e-commerce giant is still taking orders, mind you, at the greatly reduced aforementioned price, promising to have an “estimated delivery date” for you as soon as possible and not charge your credit card until the device actually leaves Amazon’s warehouse to reach its final destination.

Somewhat surprisingly powered by an Apple M4 processor rather than an M3 to follow in the footsteps of an M2-based iPad Pro 12.9 (2022) generation, the latest edition of the biggest and baddest iPad out there is considerably faster than all of the best Android tablets in the world… both present and future.
There’s simply no way the Galaxy Tab S10 Ultra will catch up to this bad boy, and with all the storage space you could ever need, the fastest types of connectivity around supported, and the sharpest display possible, we dare you to turn down this rare opportunity to save big on an unrivaled, all-stops-pulling tech product.

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