Apple’s controversial ad is so hated that Xiaomi just copied it

Apple’s controversial ad is so hated that Xiaomi just copied it

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Apple has its fair share of critics (and, yes, haters) but on May 7, 2024, things got out of hand. The Cupertino giant managed to alienate a whole mass of people with a single ad. Now, the same ad is being sort of copied by Xiaomi.

What happened?

Even people from the Apple cult were murmuring: “Hey, that’s too much!” on May 7, when in honor of the iPad Pro M4 unveiling, the following ad was put on display:

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The critics said Apple went too far. By destructing these musical instruments, old-school arcade-style video games, record players, and other items, critics argued, Apple was sending a “wrong” and “distasteful” message of the new “replacing” the old.It’s 2024 and, give or take, everybody is kind of worried about the possibility of Skynet (that’s a Terminator reference – Skynet is an artificial neural network-based conscious group mind and artificial general superintelligence system that wants humanity gone) taking over.

That’s why, to a point, I understand all those who say that the above ad is not very clever.

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After all, nobody wants to be replaced by AI. Also, (presumably) nobody wants to see the things that made us laugh, think and feel good, get crushed in the name of a modern gadget.

In defense of Apple (I can’t believe I’m saying this)

I’m not the biggest Apple fan out there. Not even close.In fact, I’m not a “big fan” of any phone maker out there. I think each and every one of the brands has its fair share of shortcomings and issues. As Treebeard (an Ent, a.k.a. a walking and talking tree-giant character) from The Lord of the Rings puts it:

That’s why it’s kind of ironic that I’m going to… defend Apple. Okay, sort of.

The ad, though controversial, is not that problematic for me. I think people saw the hydraulic press in the video as simply destructing things and forcefully making them obsolete.

In my humble opinion, the hydraulic press is simply… pressing things. You know, as compressing them all into the new iPad Pro M4. “The new Apple tablet is so powerful, it’s got everything in it. It’s so thin, yet full of amazing features and possibilities!” – that, I think, is the message the Cupertino team was trying to convey.

But, hey, that’s just me and I could be wrong.

Xiaomi’s take on things

Although a great deal of people were triggered over Apple’s iPad ad, now Chinese tech giant Xiaomi is using a similar approach to promote a new phone in India.There’s a teaser on X featuring a similar hydraulic press, this time loaded with videography equipment. The action stops just before the press crushes everything, with the words “Cinematic Vision” and “Coming Soon” appearing on the screen. The “Ci” and “Vi” parts of the text are highlighted in red, referencing Xiaomi’s Civi range of phones currently exclusive to China.What do you think? Is Xiaomi inspired by Apple, or is it just copying?

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