Apple reveals Beats Solo Buds’ launch date

Apple reveals Beats Solo Buds’ launch date

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Apple introduced the Beats Solo Buds back in April but failed to provide fans with an actual launch date. Thankfully, that’s no longer the case, as the Cupertino-based giant revealed this week that the Beats Solo Buds will hit shelves on June 20.

In fact, customers can order the Beats Solo Buds starting on June 18 for $79.99, but the earbuds won’t ship until two days later. It’s also worth mentioning that the earbuds will be available in four colors: Matte Black, Storm Gray, Arctic Purple and Transparent Red. Keep in mind that if you want the Arctic Purple version, you’ll only find those at Apple and Target.

The Beats Solo Buds come with a custom Beats chip inside that makes it a lot easier to pair them across iOS and Android with just one touch. Not to mention that the earbuds feature both Apple and Google “find my device” functionality.

Both buds have a button that allows users to control playback, answer calls and enable Siri, but it can be customized to offer other uses too. The Beats Solo Buds promise to “minimize micro-distortions across the frequency curve” thanks to the dual-layer transducers design.

As far as battery life goes, Apple says the Beats Solo Buds should provide up to 18 hours of playback, which is hard to believe considering that similar earbuds offer around 6-8 hours of battery life.

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On the downside, the Beats Solo Buds doesn’t come with a charging case. The one that comes with the earbuds doesn’t feature a battery, so you’ll have to charge these the traditional way by plugging a USB-C cable into the case after you place the earbuds inside.

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