Apple releases Star Wars themed ad for the iPhone 15 series

Apple releases Star Wars themed ad for the iPhone 15 series

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Whether Apple released its new Star Wars-themed ad for the iPhone 15 series today because tomorrow is May 4th (now known as Star Wars day because of the line “May the Force be with you), only the marketing geniuses behind the “Relax, it’s iPhone” advertising campaign know for sure. The long video will need to be edited down to 30 seconds and 15 second versions for broadcast and streaming use. Luckily, there are plenty of spots where editors can cut out some frames without taking anything away from the advertisement.

The ad, titled iPhone 15Precision Finding | Find Your Friends starts with a guy calling his cat to feed her. We learn that the cat’s name is Leia which means nothing until we see the owner of the cat stand up and note that he is wearing a costume that is a replica of what Boba Fett wore in the Star Wars movie series right down to the bounty hunter’s distinctive (and best in my opinion) helmet.

While leaving his home, we see this Boba Fett wannabe putting his iPhone 15 Pro in a holster that is part of the costume. We watch as our hero walks out of the apartment building and along the sidewalk and into a doughnut store with a sign in the window advertising Boba Tea. He next boards a bus where he seems to have avoided the stares of other passengers.

In a text message with a friend, our costumed subject writes that he is “On my way” to meet with someone who says in the group message, “Can’t wait to see you all.” Getting off the bus, our Boba Fett imitator is now in the city and as he walks on the sidewalk, businessmen move out of his way unsure what they are dealing with. As he walks up the stairs toward what looks like a hotel, we see others dressed as different Star Wars characters including a small dog dressed as an AT-AT Walker (the dog’s four legs are a big asset here).

Yes, our hero has arrived at a Star Wars convention. The only problem is that he can’t find his friends. Taking out his iPhone 15 Pro, he asks them where they are via iMessage. He gets back a map that allows him to press a “Find My” button which starts the Precision Tracking feature that leads him to his friends. A giant arrow shows our Star Wars fan the direction he needs to travel while a number shows how far away his friends are. 

After running into some fans dressed like members of the cantina band, we see him arriving at his destination to meet up with his friends, all of whom are dressed like Boba Fett. Apple promotes the feature by writing on the screen “Find your friends with Precision Finding” and the “Relax it’s iPhone 15” tagline ends an ad for the iPhone 15 line that Star Wars fans are going to love.

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So now you know that you can use the Find My app to be led, using Precision Finding, to the exact location where your iPhone toting friends are just as long as their iPhones support Ultra Wideband  (iPhone 11 and later).

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