Apple announces Final Cut Pro 2 and Logic Pro 2, reeling in the powerful iPad Pro 2024 M4 chip

Apple announces Final Cut Pro 2 and Logic Pro 2, reeling in the powerful iPad Pro 2024 M4 chip

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The new iPad Air and iPad Pro 2024 are now official. Alongside a gorgeous and big iPad Air version and the thinnest iPad Pro, Apple also unveiled some upgrades to two of its Pro-level apps for artists. The updates are aimed to take advantage of the iPad Pro’s fast and furious M4 chip.

Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro 2: both apps get huge updates

Redesigned for the ground up, these two apps are getting some gorgeous updates for creatives.

Final Cut Pro 2

Final Cut Pro is all about recording and editing professional-looking videos. The new M4 chip makes the final rendering 2x faster than the M1-powered iPad Pro, and also supports for up to four times more streams of ProRes RAW than M1.

Final Cut Pro 2 introduces a new feature called Live Multicam, which allows you to connect and preview up to four cameras all in once. You can remotely direct every video angle and modify exposure, white balance, and focus. To support this new feature, Apple now has a dedicated free standalone app dubbed Final Cut Camera (for iPhone and iPad). It allows you to easily connect multiple iPhones and iPads for capturing additional angles for a Live Multicam shot.

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Final Cut Pro now automatically syncs and transfers Live Multicam angles.

On top of that, you now get the ability to edit projects directly off a drive.

Logic Pro 2

Logic Pro 2, on the other hand, is a dedicated app for music producers. The Drummer feature (that adds drums to any song) is getting new bandmates in a feature called Session Players. Musicians will get to enjoy a new Bass and Keyboard Player, built using AI.

Users are also getting new effects: ChromaGlow is a new plugin to model a sound in order to make a digital recording have analog warmth. The plugin uses machine learning to model the sound.

And for remixing, Logic Pro now offers a feature called Stem Splitter, which takes any recording and extracts 4 distinct parts: voice, bass, drums, and other instruments. Thanks to the powerful M4 chip, it all happens quickly on device.

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